The Freedom to Choose

At Emmy Monash, aged care is a rewarding experience. That’s because life continues uninterrupted and the choices for companionship, entertainment and connections with community life expand. Even when mobility and health challenges independence, our residents choose how they wish to spend their time.

How is choice expressed at Emmy? By our residents who organise their own events and activities; or not, because choosing peaceful solitude is sometimes just as satisfying as a night of animated conversation with your neighbours.

Choice extends to Jewish culture, tradition and religion. Be as engaged as you always have: whether you celebrate Jewish life through fresh cooked challah or attending regular prayer, the decision is always yours.

Families quickly make Emmy a second home. With an abundance of places to meet and an everchanging program of activities to share, time with family is easy to organise and often more fun than ever.

Perhaps most importantly, we never forget that it is the little freedoms in life that matter most: quiet time in the garden, a telephone call to friends, a steaming cup of coffee when you want it.

A Continuum of Care

With a good decision comes confidence and comfort.

Emmy Monash is the only Jewish aged care provider offering all levels of aged care in one central location. That means our residents can move into an independent living apartment and be assured of consistent care from the same experienced staff, in the company of their neighbours and friends, if they move to low or high care in future.

Our trained staff are available 24/7, providing on-call support to all Emmy Monash residents. They offer assistance and advice as residents and their families navigate the various stages of ageing.

Residents who require a different levels of care from when they were admitted do not experience the disruption that comes with relocating to a different aged care facility. Rather, they are able to remain in comfortable, familiar and welcoming surrounds. When couples require different levels of care, both can remain together under one roof.

Enjoy the continuum of care unique to Emmy Monash.