Snapshot with Lotti Eisinger-Philipp, Apartment Resident

  1. What attracted you to Emmy Monash?

There were really two main reasons that I came to live in Apartment at Emmy Monash. The first being I was worried about security when living by myself at home. On one occasion, I had to call the police and that really concerned me. Secondly, I realised I didn’t want to be in a situation where I felt unwell and nobody would be around to help me. I knew that at Emmy Monash, I would have 24-hour clinical assistance if required. I am very content living here as it enables me to still live a very independent life.


  1. What’s an average day entail?

My days are varied and each day brings something new. My children, grandchildren and great grandchildren often visit me and that’s what I love the best as my family means everything to me. I sometimes go out with friends for lunch or to have a coffee in Glenferrie Road, I enjoy getting out to the shops. I sometimes have friends over for lunch and on other days I may go and meet a friend in Gandel House for lunch. If I need shopping I can just pop into the shops in Glenferrie Road and once a fortnight I have a helper to assist me with a bigger supermarket visit. I love food and enjoy eating and I still cook for myself in my apartment. My freezer is always stocked up with my home cooking. My specialty being chicken soup! If I want some quiet time I’m happy to relax in my apartment and play solitaire on the computer.


  1. What activities do you attend at Emmy Monash?

I love listening to music and always have the radio playing in my apartment. The activities I usually attend are music related like listening to classical music concerts. I’m quite discerning so I pick and choose the ones that really appeal to me. We are lucky that there are many different music concerts to see at Emmy Monash. The other activity I always regularly attend is the Kabbalat Shabbat service run by TBI on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month.


  1. Anything else you’d like to add?

All the furniture in my apartment came from my previous home so it’s mine and is familiar. My apartment is spacious enough that I can keep some sentimental furniture as well, like my very old sewing machine. I loved to sew and used to sew all my children’s clothes when they were young. I worked in the fashion industry for many years so my sewing machine holds special value. Every Friday night I go out to my family for Shabbat dinner and that is really a highlight of my week. The most important aspect to me about living here is that I can live independently which I cherish and have the reassurance that support is close by if I need it.