60 seconds with Janice and Nathan Frydman

Janice and Nathan Frydman moved from their own home nearby into an emMYapartment in January this year.


  1. Why did you choose Emmy?

We chose it because it has a good reputation in the community and our family members are quite involved with Emmy. Our oldest son also lives very close by so we can easily keep in touch with him.


  1. How was your transition to Emmy?

It was all pretty smooth really, especially given our daughter Vicki and her family’s help. We also had a lot of support from our neighbours during this time which we appreciated. Shelley Katz and Shirley Jacobs helped us feel very welcome and settle in quite quickly and we are very grateful for their efforts.


  1. What do you enjoy about living here?

Janice: I’ve made friends with lots of other residents, particularly those on the third floor of Gandel House and our apartment neighbour Lotti.

Nathan: I really enjoyed attending the shule services prior to COVID-19 and still enjoy the streamed talks with Rabbi Stern and Rabbi Genende. There is also a huge library that I am slowly investigating. We really enjoy our apartment; it is very spacious and we get some brilliant afternoon sunshine too.


  1. Do you participate in any programs? What is your favourite?

We both take part in the Bridging The Gap program, it’s brilliant. The students are all very friendly and intelligent. The program is extra special to us as all our children went to Mount Scopus.

Janice: I also enjoy playing Rumi tiles with friends and the Shabbat activities.


  1. What are your favourite hobbies/pastimes?

Nathan: I do enjoy sports. I have played football, cricket, tennis and golf (handicap of two). At the moment, I have been reading lots of mystery novels and following the AFL on TV. Both of us have played lawn bowls for a long time and were fortunate to be selected to represent Australia in the Maccabi Games in Israel some years ago.


  1. Have you found some unexpected pleasures living at Emmy?

Nathan: We are very lucky to be here at the moment during COVID-19. Living here makes us feel safe and ensures we remain compliant with laws.


  1. Have you made some new friends here? Or reconnected with old ones?

Janice: We’ve both made a few new friends. Nathan has also reconnected with an old friend, Ron Sharpe. They played cricket together 50 years ago. As devoted Carlton fans, they now regularly watch the football together.


  1. COVID-19 has obviously been challenging for us all. What has been something positive you can take from this time?

Nathan: I got the opportunity to lead the Seder during Pesach. This was very special for me, as I did this at my local shule for many years.


  1. How do stay in contact with family members?

We’re very lucky to have our children and grandchildren regularly calling us to keep in touch. Our oldest grandson lives in London, yet he still makes time to contact us each week, and we really look forward to his regular weekly call.