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Wheely good books

8 May 2013


Rosemary Korngold & Faiga Bereson

Just as R.D Cumming famously once said, A good book has no ending and the same goes for Emmy Monash volunteer, Rosemary Korngold, whose endeavours show no limits

Volunteering for synagogues and Jewish youth leadership groups since she was 13, Rosemary is passionate about helping those in need. Joining the Emmy Monash family in 1995 when her mother moved into the Home, Rosemary has been intrinsically involved in every aspect of Emmy ever since. From Emmy Board member to assisting with lifestyle activities, administration, giving travel talks and now creating a library, Rosemary has done it all.

Affectionately known as the “library lady” by residents, Rosemary Korngold, is a true star. Consistently using her initiative to suggest new programs to further enrich the lifestyle opportunities available at Emmy, Rosemary’s mobile library helps residents keep their minds active through avid reading.

Her latest creation, the mobile library, began in 2007 when Activities Coordinator Lilian Krupp asked her if she would be able to organise the books in the Emmy library space. Creating order out of chaos, Rosemary instantly took to the challenge to catalogue the entire collection – using a computer to create a database in order to organise the library contents. Since then, the library has grown from strength to strength with an ever increasing variety of large print, easy to read novels for residents from all genres. Today, the library has over 2,500 brilliant and exciting novels.

As a book enthusiast, Rosemary takes great joy in visiting residents every Tuesday and reading to them. “I get a great buzz from the whole experience. Just coming round, having a chat with them. It’s such an incredible feeling to see them each week. They really do look forward to it,” said Rosemary. “Emmy Monash just does so much, in particular the Life Enrichment Project. It is great to see an aged care provider that actually encourages residents to be a part of something.” Rosemary has been nominated for the Leading Age Services Australia volunteers award for the amazing work she does at Emmy Monash.

There truly is nothing better than a good book!


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