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We star in conference promo

28 August 2012


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Emmy Monash is very proud of its Life Enrichment Project and was honoured to receive a Better Practice Award last year. We are again excited to have received further acknowledgement by the presenter, the Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency Ltd (ACSAA)

Life Enrichment Project Coordinator Pamela Bruder will be showcasing our award-winning program at the 2012 Melbourne Better Practice Conference later this week (30-31 August), and the ACSAA chose us to promote this important annual event in an email sent to potential delegates.

“Are you interested in getting your residents and staff moving to the beat of a different drum?” the communication began.

“Emmy Monash Aged Care’s Better Practice award-winning Life Enrichment program is about promoting self-confidence, self-esteem and a sense of purpose among those who live and work at the home. It is about creating meaningful social interaction, emotional and spiritual stability, connections with the outside world and intergenerational friendships,” the email continued.

“The program features a drama club that meets weekly, photography workshops and therapeutic drumming circles. The program also includes an inter-generational community choir which has been transformative in terms of the quality of life outcomes for participants and the Emmy Monash community as a whole.

“General Manager, Victoria Crawford attended the trophy presentation and said, ‘the residents, relatives, community members and staff at the award presentation showed tremendous enthusiasm for this program. The students from the choir exhibited great rapport with the residents and they all enjoyed the singing. For some residents you could see a positive change in their demeanour as the music and the choir began. In particular the residents were very enthusiastic about the traditional songs.

“A relaxation and inner health group combines elements of stretching, breathing, meditation and reiki massage. The sensory enrichment group for residents with high care needs provides a sensory, relaxation experience. ‘Until the last breath’, the home’s complementary palliative care program, responds to the changing needs of people as they reach the end stage of life’.

“Pamela Bruder from Emmy Monash Aged Care will present the details of the Life Enrichment program at Better Practice Melbourne so why not meet Pamela and discuss how this program can work for residents in your home,” the email concluded.

This latest recognition is another wonderful tribute to Pamela and her innovative program.

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