Strategic Plan 2018 – 2022

23 March 2018

We have just completed an extraordinary period of
change and growth during which we have seen the
further development of services Emmy Monash has
proudly delivered to the Jewish Community.
Our philosophy has always been that before we embark on
any major changes we consult with our stakeholders, our
community, residents, families and staff. Today’s Emmy Monash
reflects that consultation process and the whole community
can be justifiably proud of their contribution to improving the
lives of our senior citizens.
The future direction is articulated in this Strategic Plan.
Consolidation of our achievements is our first priority.
Our staff and residents deserve the opportunity to become
accustomed to the changes. This Strategic Plan is our road
map for the future. It represents a considered approach to the
further development of our facilities, the ongoing improvement
of the lives of our residents and the provision of the best
possible environment for our staff.
We believe that we offer something unrivalled within our
community, including facilities that are second to none, high-
quality care, the very best staff, a commitment to continuous
improvement, and a philosophy that reflects the spirit of our
wonderful Jewish heritage.
As a Board, we work hard to honour the work of those who
have served before us, and to make strategic decisions for
the residents of today and tomorrow. We hope that our
contribution will leave a lasting, positive legacy.
On behalf of the Board of Emmy Monash, I commend this
strategic plan to you. The Board acknowledges and thanks
everyone who was involved in our journey thus far and we
hope that they will see this plan as a reason to continue
their involvement. Under the stewardship of our CEO Tanya
Abramzon we believe that the implementation of this plan
will continue to see Emmy Monash as a leading provider
of services for the elderly in the Jewish community.
Joe Krampel
President, Emmy Monash Aged Care

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