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Club L’Chaim

EM Club L'Chaim Hands Logo

A vibrant new program for seniors in our community.

Club L’Chaim is making a difference through an events based program which aligns with the belief that as we grow older, the aspects of life that give us the most joy do not change. Club L’Chaim is about continuing to enjoy activities together, through an organised, facilitated program.

The first event saw 60 members of our senior community travel in style, dressed in their finery to see Driving Miss Daisy at the Melbourne Comedy Theatre. With amazing performances by Angela Lansbury and James Earl Jones, the whole day was a great success.

‘The atmosphere was buzzing, everyone was smiling and there was a lot of chit-chatting with old and new friends,’ said Maureen Shulsinger, Community & Volunteer Liaison Manager at Emmy Monash.‘It was a pleasure to see everyone having such a great time.’

Social connectedness and engagement with the community as we age is integral to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – both mentally and physically. As we age, there is a natural desire to stay at home for as long as possible before moving to an aged care provider. However, for a number of people, socializing can become harder because of health concerns and mobility constraints leading to social isolation.

Club L’Chaim reaches out to those in our community, ensuring older Victorians, no matter where they live, can enjoy the finer things in life together.

For all enquiries about Club L’Chaim or to book your place for an event, please contact Shirley Jacobs on 8508 9300.