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Rita Grenier shows us that you’re never too old to give back to the community!

8 November 2012


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You’re never too old to volunteer!

It is rare to find someone who is truly connected and committed to a single organisation who’s loyalty will span as great as Rita Greiner’s.

Beginning her long standing service to the Emmy Monash community in 1961 as a part-time nurse in 1961,  and then again as a volunteer in the mid 1990′s, Rita Greiner’s dedication to Emmy Monash has never waned.

Still to this day at 91 years of age, Rita Greiner continues to come into Emmy Monash twice a week to man the kiosk and help raise funds. Every Monday and Thursday morning, without fail, you will find Rita standing behind the counter next to her kiosk colleagues and friends, Mata Mote and Ruth Lewis.

“She brings a  warm smile to a resident or staff member wanting to buy chocolates, lollies or biscuits,” said Emmy Monash Community and Volunteer Liaison Manager, Maureen Shulsinger. “She’s always checking on supplies for the following week, or helping a resident get a cup of tea or coffee.  Rita brings the outside in for so many who can’t get out.”

“It has been our privilege and honour to have Rita maintain her connection with Emmy for so many years. She is a role model, not only inspiring others to take up volunteering, but also a wonderful example of active positive ageing. ”

“I volunteer because I see how much people enjoy it and because of the friendships I have made,” said Rita. ” I like being a help and making money for the organisation.”

Rita is an inspiration to us all and  we look forward to continuing to see her smiling face behind the kiosk counter for a long time to come. Her warmth, compassion and her care for others shows us that You’re Never Too Old To be a positive role model!

Rita recently received the Jewish Community Council of Victoria Recognition Award for her long-standing contributions to the Jewish community.

See the lovely responses Rita got for her story on the You’re Never Too Old To campaign Facebook page.


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