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Margot Birnbaum shows us you’re never too old to use an iPad!

8 November 2012


emmy monash - you're never too old to

You’re never too old to be tech savvy!

In the spirit of You’re Never Too Old To, Emmy Monash resident, Margot Birnbaum, shared her inspirational story about learning to use an iPad.

After receiving it two years ago as a present from her son for her 89th birthday, Margot initially exclaimed, “Don’t be silly, I don’t know what to do with this!.”

Since then, after receiving a few lessons to get her head around the basics, Margot has become proficient, and even uses it to skype her son in Switzerland.

“I absolutely love it,” said Margot. “The best thing about the iPad is that I can keep in touch with family all over the world via emails.”

Margot’s story is a beautiful example of how you’re never too old to connect with people, no matter where they are in the world.

Thank you Margaret for sharing this with You’re Never Too Old To.


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