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Maccabi Visits Emmy Monash

19 January 2015



Recently Emmy Monash welcomed 20 Maccabi Junior Carnival students and their leaders for a full day of intergenerational  activities with our residents , including those in the Apartments.

It was so uplifting  to see the true engagement between the Maccabi participants and our seniors as they enjoyed fun icebreaking activities, Israeli dancing and a sing-a-long session with volunteer Adi Diner.

The students were keen, respectful and helpful and it was a joy to see how they spent the day getting to know our residents, doing things together and sharing stories. They learned about the sporting prowess of some of our residents including the achievements of  one resident who played for Hakoah Football Club in Vienna in the late 20’s and early 30’s .

It was a wonderful joyful Maccabi Junior Carnival initiative that left was thoroughly enjoyed by both the students and our residents.


To view images of this event, please CLICK HERE

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