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Life Enrichment Project

The award-winning Life Enrichment Project is an innovative program that seeks to enrich the lives of residents through creative and expressive arts-based activities.

It aims to:

  • maintain identity integrity;
  • encourage inter-generational participation;
  • enhance emotional well-being through creative expression;
  • provide sensory/cognitive/creative stimulation.

Drama and photography workshops

These workshops offer opportunities for creative self-expression, role play, script development and public performances. Skype connects primary school students with our elders to make drama an inter-generational program.

Inter-generational drumming circles

These groups provide a holistic healing approach and an alternative means of communication through rhythmic connections. They also aid relaxation and wellbeing and break down social, cultural and generational barriers.


The ‘Generations In One Voice’ inter-generational community choir and smaller singing groups in the dementia and high care units combine to heighten emotional wellbeing through communal singing. Active participation and performances build a sense of pride and achievement and break down communication barriers.

Sensory stimulus

Sensory stimulus sessions use a range of techniques to promote deep relaxation through music, aromatherapy, Reiki and gentle massage.

The same techniques are used in our Complementary Palliative Care Program that addresses quality-of-life issues by responding to peoples’ changing needs as they reach the end stage of life.