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Ipad technology

24 December 2013


Mandy Salomon showing resident Lucian Gruner IMG_9565

Swinburne University along with Alzheimer’s Australia(Vic) are currently conducting research into the use of iPads in creating a virtual environment for those with dementia to interact.  A series of narratives built around domestic life and transposed to a 3D digital environment are accessed on an iPad and allow the user to open doors, turn on lights, water gardens, etc.

This unique project aims to best optimise this software for people with dementia and to one day build a toll that would aid recall by enabling people with dementia to perform various tasks.  Emmy Monash residents are assisting the team from Swinburne, headed by Lead Researcher and PhD candidate, Mandy Salomon, by pre-release testing the software.

“We want to see what people do with it, we may find that people are drawn to certain tasks that may have clinical or cognitive benefits, but we’re not setting out to do that at this stage, rather, we are just presenting a palette that they can interact with,” said Mandy.


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