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Honouring 40 years of Dedicated Service

23 March 2015



Emmy Monash staff member, Ivelisse Salfate, was recently honoured for forty years of continuous and dedicated service to Emmy Monash.

Emmy Monash was at full occupancy with 39 residents when Ivelisse began working in 1975.  Forty years later, the number of residents has more then doubled.

Ivelisse worked as an assistant in the laundry and kitchen, as well as acting as a Personal Care Assistant, before becoming a Catering Assistant in 2002.


Speakers at a special event honouring Ivelisse, spoke of her strong work ethic, and loyalty.  Chief Executive Officer, Tanya Abramzon presented Ivelisse with an award, and later commented:

“Forty years of ongoing service is not only an outstanding achievement in the industry, but an absolute testament to the management, staff and residents at Emmy Monash, that Ivelisse truly considers Emmy to be her second home.”


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