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Emmy taking the lead

4 June 2013



Bill Clinton once famously said, “We cannot build our own future without helping others to build theirs,” which certainly rings true with the Emmy Monash Leadership Program.

Initiated by the CEO, Tanya Abramzon and facilitated by Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria, the Leadership Program led to the creation of five projects which are being implemented by the Leadership graduates in order to promote a person-centred approach:

• Montessori Project: using the Montessori approach this project helps residents living with dementia to maintain and engage with the world around them.

• VIP Resident of the Month: by nominating a resident each month, this program rovides information about them, thereby making residents feel valued.

• Enhanced Dining Experience Project: helps residents living with dementia enjoy a rich and colourful culinary experience.

• “In their Shoes” Project: exposes staff to the vulnerability and disorientation that our residents sometimes feel. This experiental learning facilitates a person-centred approach.

• Autobiography “Life Story”: a palliative approach which begins from the time of admission and continues throughout the residents’ stay at the home.

So what’s next? With an action plan currently being drawn up and the projects ready to go, we are excited about what’s in store for the rest of this year!

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