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Snapshot of Life at Emmy Monash with Cheryl Ligayo-Garzia, Team Leader, Endorsed Enrolled Nurse.

How long have you worked at Emmy Monash?
I commenced working at Emmy Monash in October 2016, so I am relatively new to the organisation.

Outline your professional background
I graduated from university and worked as a physiotherapist in the Philippines for five years. I was determined to seek out new opportunities in a different country, and therefore emigrated to Australia in 2010 with my son. After retraining to become a qualified nurse I soon found myself working in an aged care facility where I was employed for five years, before joining the Emmy team.

Do you feel a valued part of the Clinical Care Team?
I feel that all the nurses are highly respected at Emmy Monash. My approach and methods are valued, and all staff share their knowledge. Professional mentoring and development are a high priority, and senior staff are approachable and supportive.

What do you identify as strengths of Emmy Monash?
Emmy feels like a real community. There is a very supportive, family atmosphere across the whole organisation. Staff are true partners of the residents and their families. We aim to work together, with the best interests of our residents at heart. I feel that this partnership is based on trust.

How do you wish to contribute to the Emmy family over the next year?
I have always felt a calling to make a difference in older people’s lives. I like to be very organised – I want things to run efficiently and effectively. I pride myself on being approachable. I am responsive to resident’s needs as they are identified. I also enjoy the benefits of continuity in staff and believe I can build a strong rapport with the residents in my care.

How do you enjoy your recreational time?
I love to sing! For many years I sang in my church choir, and have always enjoyed karaoke competitions. I find music very relaxing and have happily noticed that music features heavily on the Emmy Monash calendar.